Cognitive Behavioral

This therapeutic approach addresses dysfunctional emotions, behaviors and cognitions through a goal oriented, systematic process.  Issues that are treated in this fashion would include, but not be limited to, fears, phobias, and other broader concerns like obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and other anxiety disorders.  

Psychodynamic Therapy

This is a form of ego psychology.  The primary of which is to explore the unconscious content of the client’s thoughts and feelings in an effort to alleviate emotional tension.  This form of therapy is most effective in individual treatment.

Crisis Intervention

Trauma is defined as any event that challenges a person’s coping ability and belief systems.  Dr. Bryman is available for crisis-reactive therapy meetings.  Such meetings help the patient regain composure and daily functioning in the midst of highly stressful situations.


Family Therapy

Dr. Bryman understands the dynamics of the modern family.  School, work, finances, and other pressures can impact the family system.  Dr. Bryman works with all family members to find workable solutions to the ongoing issues within the family.  Her approach to family therapy is eclectic, and she maintains a focus on the whole family as the patient.  

Marital Counseling

With divorce rates close to the 60th percentile, marriage isn’t as easy as everyone hopes it will be.  Dr. Bryman works with couples in an effort to provide a framework for alleviating pain that may lead to possible divorce.  She is not an advocate of divorce and will work with couples to find a pragmatic approach in a troubled marriage, which may allow the family unit to succeed while a marriage is in distress.

Early Childhood

This is a time period that simultaneously brings both great joy yet also a great deal of frustration to parents.  Dr. Bryman works with both the child and parent to come up with the tools and solutions to issues that arise.  These issues include sleep difficulty, toilet training, separation anxiety, behavioral and social concerns, cognitive functioning, school phobia and many more.


Adolescent development presents a new set of challenges for parents and child alike.  Issues that typically arise during this period include peer relation difficulties, risk taking behaviors, conflict with or among siblings, and other related family issues, such as divorce, and academic stress.  Other issues that Dr. Bryman works with at this age include self-destructive behaviors, low self-esteem, and poor choices of judgment.


Going through a divorce can be extremely stressful. Issues range from how to work through the beginning phase of the divorce process to actual separation and how these issues impact you and your family.  Dr. Bryman works closely with clients as they handle the transition from divorced to the next phase of life.

Industrial/Organizational Counseling

Dr. Bryman has a niche working with small to medium sized businesses and business owners.  She handles complicated issues, ranging from the decision to end a business, how to deal with other stakeholders, partners, spouses, or family members.

Narcissist Abuse Recovery

Recovery from abuse caused by a narcissistic partner presents its own set of unique challenges. Issues can range from the inability to break free completely from the relationship to struggles with PTSD and self-blame to full-on codependency. By sharing recovery strategies from both a clinical and personal perspective, Dr. Bryman’s helps clients to recover from all aspects of this complex of type of abuse.